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The Invitation Notice
2016-2-17 11:34:40
       As per Beijing municipal request, Inviter shall present online application at first,  once it is approved, then following documents shall be provided for issuing orginal Invitation letter.
     1.Application list online
     2.Approval List issued by Beijing government
     3.Inviter's business License & Copy, foreign business certificate & Copy
     4.overseas's company business License & Chinese translation
     5. Business License lagalized by Chinese Embassy & Copy
     6. Visitor's Passport Copy and Chinese visa(if any)
     7.Visitors's Incumbency Certificate
     8. Itinerary issued by inviter
     9. Safety guarantee issue by inviter
    10.bilateral documents such as Contract/agreement. Clearance Certificate (Cargo) B/L
    11.handler's ID Card & Copy. Occupation Certificate & Copy
    (all documents shall be stamped) 
    Any invitee shall provide documents as No. 5,6 & 7, which shall be sent to us via courier.
                                                     (Management Dept Feb.17,2016 Beijing)