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Chinese Rolls Industry
2016-1-28 15:02:01
         China is big country in rolls manufacture. Chinese made rolls can meet local demand and export 30 KT per year to overseas market. However some high value and high technology rolls need to import and quantity is around 30KT per year, which spend USD 200 millions.
          There are around 300 rolls producers in China, however in big producer scope who can provide rolls for modern rolling mill is not exceed 50 enterprises. If it is supplied to Baosteel, Shougang & WISCO, qualified supplier shall not exceed 30 enterprises.
           Chinese rolls consumption is 1.0-1.2kg per metric tons, so total consumption for hot and cold rolls is around 900 KT. Every year wasted hot roll, cold roll and back-up roll is 1 million ton, 0.2 million tons and near 0.2 million ton.
           Some Chinese producers adopt refurbishing technology to lower down cost, such as surfacing technology, thermal spraying, thermal spray welding and surface melt plating technology.
                                            (Technical Dept Jan.28 Beijing)